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I bought a HP-22 when ammo was hard to find and I could not find the SV ammo it recommended. Instead, I shot the slowest HV ammo I could find. I "disabled" the magazine safety by bending a little part. I shot it a lot and found it both accurate and very reliable. I shot it about 3,500 rounds or so and saw that the slide had cracked. With the lifetime warranty, I called them but didn't expect them to help me because I had been using the improper ammo. However, they didn't ask me anything about the ammo I used and they asked me to mail them the damaged slide. I mailed it to them on Friday and I got a new one in the mail the very next Friday. I was amazed that the slide made it from Virginia to California and back to me in a week along with them processing the warranty claim. I sold it to my sister-in-law only because I bought a Ruger Mk III 22/45 to replace it before I called them.
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