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Yeah that is an interesting metaphor. I am a vascular surgeon and get daily hours-long exposure to X-ray when using fluoroscopy, so would say that I am somewhat familiar with the long-term risks associate with that occupational exposure. We should chat that up offline--curious to see what you think about the rates of cataracts, face cancers, and brain tumors in our professional cohort.

Of course, that may all be 'fake news' if you choose to sell the equipment rather than make a living standing 18 inches from it.

The original post was about the potential for lead contamination in surface water. I wouldn't consider myself the general public, nor a sensationalist, but do want to protect my livestock, children, and wild game from contamination if reasonable. I think the bottom line is that most exposure risk is in the process of shooting, rather than in the accumulation of bullet debris. I'm not proposing legislation banning alcohol, tobacco, or lead bullets, but would consider it an exposure--and one that many may consider important in their long-term health.
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