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Our club

I have not been active in this club for a few years. I was when the lead crap storm hit.
The club has been primarily a trap shooting club and has been in continuous operation since the 1930's if memory serves. We also have a 100 yd. rifle lane, pistols are permitted also, only shot on the rifle range.
The area where the shot falls from the 2 trap ranges is heavily wooded thus the property has never been mined for lead.
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One of those folks bought a home near the club. Apparently the agent did not inform them that we shoot trap a couple three times per week. The range is used a lot, it is the only range in the county. So they decided the thing to do was get our range shut down.
Their first attempt was noise. That fortunately did not cost us much, judge quickly threw it out, pretty much a we were there first deal.

They then pursued Lead contamination in their attempt to close our range. A small creek runs past the berm area for the rifle range.

It cost us a bunch, NRA helped. We built a huge bullet trap for the rifle range and of course some neanderthal decided to shoot it with .50 cal. AP ammo fortunately the damage was easily repaired.
It is a members only range. It's very rural and isolated too. We were certain the shooter was a trespasser. We have an hearing impaired individual who lives on site now, that keeps the riff raff away.
We had no issues with the DEQ with regard to all that shot in the shotfall area. 90 years worth of it.

Given the ongoing sky is falling crusaders I am not revealing the name of the club. True story tho.
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