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There are also plenty of people who will ignore the obvious dangers of inhaling hair spray or smoking finely ground wheel bearings in a bong, but will literally crap kittens if lead is found in their water, even though that lead is well below accepted safety levels.

A woman started taking splenda in her coffee because she thought that she would lose weight. Oops, she didn't. Even though there were no claims made that she would lose weight, not ever, she and a lawyer put together a class action suit against the maker for making a product that didn't fulfill a claim that they never made.

My home is on the last block served by a water line. The pipes that serve this very last block, just like the power and phone lines, are still the original lines run decades ago.

The street outside my home was sawed up two weeks ago, after over half a century, the water company is finally replacing that one block long piece of lead pipe. I've never had a lead reading that was significant because our water is as hard as bricks and there is probably a half inch layer of scale in those pipes. I probably get more lead from just handling my guns that have a bit of lead residue.
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