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If blood level testing wasn't so expensive I'd suggest it for anyone who did a lot of shooting.

There are so many forms and activities that can vary exposure. A caster/reloader will get more lead from the boxes if he handles nothing but unplated/uncoated bullets than a man who puts millions of jacketed rifle rounds down an outdoor range. An indoor range that allows unjacketed bullets will still get some aerosolized lead from primers and from bullet scrapings. and flame cutting. I'm certain that a guy who cleans his guns regularly, scraping small bits of lead out of the thing will get lead ground down into the skin that will take careful washing.

When I was working in the stained glass business I had to wash constantly. Working with dead soft, oxidized pure lead, my hands would get black in minutes. Then with chemicals it would be ground in. Then cleaning the finished work with whiting and glazing compound would create filthy dust.

The one most important thing is to use clean glasses and equipment, wash your apron and gloves occasionally, wash your hands carefully whenever you handle lead.

Someone who wears his 'lucky jacket' every time and never cleans it or his tools, and thinks that handwashing is for sissies is going to swallow lead every time he licks the barbecue sauce off of his fingers when he has ribs after a day long session.

Some scientists claim that there is no safe level for lead, that if even minute traces of lead are in your system those few atoms of lead, like little ninjas, will seek out your most precious brain cells and decapitate them.
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