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Personally, I would take the money that you are going to spend on a new gun and buy extra practice rounds for your current weapon and practice shooting offhand until you can get better. Being able to shoot with either hand is a vital skill to have if you are carrying a gun for defense.

That being said, I would go with a S&W 43c over an automatic for self defense.

If you misload and get the rims out of "order" and get a rim behind the round below it instead of in front of it, you run a greater risk of having a failure to feed in an automatic.

I don't remember for sure but I think those small tip up style autos don't have an extractor in them. I think I remember that from some people who got shot because they thought they cleared one of them only to find out a round was still in the chamber.

If that is true and you have a failure to feed or a dud round, you can't just rack the slide and get a fresh round.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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