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Which .22 and Why? (CC ?)

Hey guys, I recently injured my wrist really badly when I took a fall. I hurt it so badly in fact that I can't even shoot my Bersa CC without severe pain taking over. It's so bad I can't even get a follow up shot before I must stop or completely miss my target. I have a Kel tec P32....and sad to say I couldn't do any better with that. I need something lite weight and compact for cc but with minimal recoil. I also need to be able to buy ammo and get good with it.....Enter the .22 LR. I have decided on a Taurus or Beretta tip up design. Here is my ?, which one should I get? Both have pros and cons. The Beretta has the name, fit/finish, and probably a better trigger pull. The Taurus has the longer barrel (every bit helps ballistically speaking), it carries one more round, and its about $70 cheaper (which in terms of .22 means a boat load of ammo for practice. So which would you recommend and why? Thanks guys.
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