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I checked the rules on USPSA, IDPA, IPSC and they all are allowing most any mainstream pistol between .38 and .45.
I wont be buying another for a quite a while so I dont want to buy one that is a limiting factor.
What is ALLOWED and what will not be a "limiting factor" are not the same thing.
A single stack 1911 .45 ACP derivative is ideal for IDPA CDP and pretty good for USPSA Single Stack. Assuming it makes weight and fits The Box. As I said, it would do for USPSA Limited-10 but not ideal.
The same thing in 9mm would get you into IDPA ESP - my game, my gun - but while you could shoot it in USPSA SS or L-10, the minor power factor scoring of its cheap ammo would be a competitive disadvantage once you acquired some skills.

If you want to shoot 9mm in USPSA, best get a gun that will enter in Production where all are scored alike. That means DA-SA, DAO or Gimmick Trigger (Glock, Plastic M&P, XD.) The same gun will fit into IDPA SSP (Except the XD which is ESP.)

Or just shoot your Beretta for a while until you see where you want to go. A year's supply of .40 versus 9mm won't break you if you can afford competitive shooting in the first place.

Oh, by the way; there is hardly any IPSC shot in the USA, don't study their rules, you will just get confused by the differences from USPSA.
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