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20ga Charlies Daily OU BCM made.

Been shooting a lot of clays with this shot gun I bought for my wife. She hasn't been useing it so I decided to give it some work.
I've found I really like the shot gun but alas it has devloped a problem, it will some times not fire the top barrel. Some times it seems to sort of hang fire, then at times it feels like the trigger pull is 100 pounds.

I want to get the stock off to clean the trigger, hammer and safety group to see if that works. I bought the shot gun used so have no Idea how it had been cared for .
Are those nails in the trigger guard going into the stock. Doesn't appear that Any screw driver I have will fit those tiny slots either.

I also so a you tube of a fix for a 12 ga to make it fire both barrels if that might be the problem.

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