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I started bow hunting at 17 (64 now) for pigs and deer in the Coast Range hillls of CA. Howard Hill and Fred Bear's exploits were my teenage dream hunts. I have hunted in the West and Southern US with moderate success. Bow hunting poses a certain degree of challenge of you against the animals' senses. It takes a lot of figuring out to get to where you can reliably stalk and harvest a deer at 30-40 yds. Stand hunting is slightly less challenginging than stalking but still challenging. Bow hunting is just a plain adrenaline rush.

As far as animosity between archery and firearm hunters, I never saw much of it. Yes, there are people who blame the "other guys" for spooking "their" deer, but in reality those are uneducated and lazy hunters trying to affix blame for why they don't know how to hunt.
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