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I worked with a friend in the 90s. He worked up some max loads for .30-06. In one test the bullets never got to the chronograph. So we set up some paper targets facing each other to see where they were dying as he suspected they were disintegrating from the rotation or had terrible accuracy.

They were disintegrating, they peppered the paper at a few feet before the chronograph. The previous loading had hit 4k in a .30-06 with poor accuracy.

In another test a non-Remington .30 cal sabot for .22 bullet was used with a 5.56 bullet pulled from a old cartridges. This was loaded in a .308 and it did well on speed at about 4200 but accuracy was poor till he dropped the FPS down to around 3800. Accuracy was meager but close to a bolt action .223 rifle.
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