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This was never meant to be a great philosophical debate
---> BAH! Famous last words!!

Explaining reality to people who don't want to listen (or worse, don't care) seldom works.
Additionally, it seems that in the last few decades, many people immediately going to the extreme end of any issue has become the "new normal" and reasoned discussion of reality is rare, further complicating virtually everything. Calm, rational, voice of reason gets lost...
Once someone has formed an opinion, they personalize it and it becomes a part of their ego. I'm on the right, so it appears to me that those on the left are ruled by their emotions, not logic (because they are). They think the same about me. It's been proven that those on the left are more ruled by emotional appeals than appeals to logic ("do it for the children!!!"). The left sees the right as ruled by the emotions of hate and bigotry, if the right is assigned any emotions at all. 2A advocates tend to be on the right (tribal thinking) so when we chose to engage in debate with anti-2A people, we can bring the logic, but we have to speak the language of the other side and speak in anecdotes and personal impact, otherwise, we'll never penetrate the out barrier of their egos to reach their logic.
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