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We pro gun folks should help explain to anti gun people new gun laws don’t prevent anything so stop writing new laws .
OK, I get your point, and it is a valid one, but....

Explaining reality to people who don't want to listen (or worse, don't care) seldom works.

"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.."

This old saying is very apt in many situations. Another old saying is

"Locked doors only keep honest people out"

Until and unless you can get people to realize that passing a law does nothing but give legislators something to do, so it LOOKS like they are doing something real and effective, you are just being the pig's music instructor.

And its about the same with any subject there are laws about, all that seems to vary is a matter of degree, and how those laws affect our personal lives.

The non gun owner doesn't give a rip about gun control laws, generally, unless they are an anti-gun person, then they care and want more of them.

One wonders how they would feel if there was a waiting period, background check, extra fees and you could only sell your golf clubs through a licensed golf club dealer... or tennis raquet or what ever sporting equipment they used in their personal lives...

They put a "sin tax' on soda, beer, wine, etc, but not coffee....and the coffee drinkers are all fine with that...point here is, unless its your personal ox that is getting gored, most people don't care. And trying to explain to them why we don't need more laws for things that are already crimes is rarely successful.

Additionally, it seems that in the last few decades, many people immediately going to the extreme end of any issue has become the "new normal" and reasoned discussion of reality is rare, further complicating virtually everything. Calm, rational, voice of reason gets lost in the shouting rants of the extremists, and that only helps the extremists.

There was a reason the founding fathers did not create the US as a democracy, but you'll find very few people today who are even aware of that.
Let alone know what that reason was.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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