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No you are missing the point and I know this because the point was mine , I brought this topic up . This was never meant to be a great philosophical debate . This is and has always been ( in my mind ) about anti’s thinking putting more laws on the books is going to some how stop people from shooting other people . Again I stand by my original point , adding new laws will not stop anyone from breaking that law if they choose not to follow it . It may be a deterrent but laws stop nothing . As far as I can tell gun control advocates think passing new laws will actually prevent gun relared crime and they are wrong .

So as I said which started us down this road . We pro gun folks should help explain to anti gun people new gun laws don’t prevent anything so stop writing new laws .
If Jesus had a gun , he'd probably still be alive !

I almost always write my posts regardless of content in a jovial manor and intent . If that's not how you took it , please try again .

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