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Originally Posted by MarkCO
I think that is a stretch Aguila. A "non-legal" precedent, by your chosen definition, involves a measure of commonality. Or, as a model, convention, that will generally be accepted by the "common man" as such. That is not the case here, not even close.

Since we are talking about a "legal issue", the "common man" may rationally infer that the legal version of the word precedent is the one in use. If you really want to be pedantic, it would be more appropriate to focus the discussion to the general use and understanding of "legal precedent". Glossing over divergent verbiage with a pass for someone's misunderstanding of the facts always reminds me of our past POTUS inventing Clintonese by changing the common understanding of the word "is".
Mark, it's not my "chosen" definition, it's the dictionary definition.

In this thread, we have people arguing -- to the verge of calling each other names -- over whether or not the Sandy Hook Parents v. Remington case creates a precedent that may be damaging to gun manufacturers (and, by extension, to us) down the road. It appeared to me that two of the most vocal opponents in that discussion were talking apples to oranges: one speaking about "precedent" in the everyday, dictionary sense and the other using the term as it applies to legal precedent.

All I intended was to get everybody on the same page. If this discussion continues, anyone who wants to discuss "precedent" should be clear as to which type of precedent he/she is talking about. It may appear crystal clear to you that 'the "common man' may rationally infer that the legal version of the word precedent is the one in use," but that isn't crystal clear to me. If we get people acting snotty toward other members over differing understandings and uses of the word "precedent," we'll close the discussion down.
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