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Until reality slaps them in the face and forces them to recognize it (and sometimes, not even then...) most people believe what the news tells them, the way the news tells it to them.

We can use any terms we choose. and we tend to choose terms that are correct, but the news,...doesn't.

What people are being told and what they are going to believe is that here. Victims "of the gun" sued the gunmaker, and WON!

And, if these people sued the gunmaker and won, then we might also.

Doesn't matter that what the gunmaker was sued about was BS, doesn't matter that there was no court ruling. Doesn't even matter that the gunmaker went out of business years ago. All the general public is hearing from the general press is "Gunmaker lost lawsuit paid millions to victim's families".

So, yes, I think more people will try this tactic in the future, and I know there are lawyers who will help them, because, win or lose, they will get paid.

The original judge threw the case out, said it lacked merit. The CN Supreme Court re-instated the suit, Under their ruling, the case should not have been dismissed but should have its day in court and the jury would decide if there was any validity to the claim.

Or so I heard. Now, we have a settlement, which admits no guilt, and the case did NOT have its day in court, it was settled out of court.

But what the news tells us and too many people believe is that Remington "lost" the lawsuit.

Gotta love accuracy in media...I wish we actually had some...
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