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My experience with NBTs is very slim. Not to take this OT but one deer shot with the original 140 gr. NBT bullet cost me one of the only two deer I have lost in many years of hunting. The bullet was one from when Nosler boxed the NBTs in 100 round boxes. Then they dropped to boxes of 50 at the same price. It was probably at this time they toughened up the jackets for that bullet. I hold by several sources that Nosler uses that same jacket for the 120 gr. bullet by trimming the excess jacket from the nose. I've also heard way to many good things about that bullet but personally have no desire to use it. My choice for my 7x57s loaded to 7-08 levels runs to the 150 gr. Nosler Partition. FWIW, the rifles are a Winchester M70 and Ruger #1A.
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