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Ruger fixed that problem with the Blackhawk rear sight.... and called it Vaquero.
Nice one!

However, in reality, trading one problem for another isn't fixing the problem.

At first they would return your conventional parts but I have heard that they went to stealing them so you could not reconvert the gun to conventional "dangerous" style.
Ruger brought out the "NEW MODEL" lockwork about 1973. They have been converting "old model" (three screw) guns at least since then. If by "at first" you mean the SEVERAL DECADES since then, ok... Ruger always returned the parts along with the upgraded gun.

I heard a rumor that Ruger stopped doing that a few years ago, but have never found anyone that actually had that happen to them. From what I hear, IF Ruger actually did that, they have gone back to returning the parts today. I don't know from personal experience; I've never sent them a gun.

In the nearly 50 years this has been going on, your post is the first time I have ever heard anyone claim Ruger was "stealing them so you could not reconvert the gun to conventional "dangerous" style."

Clearly I'm not listening to the same people you are, but to me the phrasing sounds like an angry bitter person with an axe to grind against Ruger, or perhaps gun makers/ owners in general, or more likely, just someone who just wants to stir ...stuff.. to make a stink.
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