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Indeed it is

I was a resident of California from 94-08.
I dearly loved the weather, N. San Diego county hardly a better place on earth for comfy. Tgiving on the patio.

I left, traffic and crime finally pushed me North. I still visit Ca. frequently, all I can say is glad I left.

I'm tasked with setting up another facility for our company, I've made it really clear that our West coast branch will not be in California.

That's a sad commentary. By far most of our customers are in Ca. and it would be a logical choice, just for that reason.

It's the entire business climate, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

California's loss will be Or. or Wa. gain, but Ca. has already been eliminated do to the business climate in general, nothing like feeling there is a constant target on your back.

Here's the thing, I or "we" are far from the only ones, Ca. won't maintain it's economy without business's locating there. They have got to notice the exit of business's, like Weatherby who was Ca. through and through from the start. Not any more.
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