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200-grain cast SWCs, like the H&G #68, and some went down as far as 3.2 grains (of Bullseye).
I've gone as low as 3.4 grains that yielded 662 f/s (40 round test sample, full-size 1911 w/ 12Lb recoil spring).

I've also tested as little as 2.4gn Nitro 100 (NF) - 591 f/s. I do not recommend a load this soft. This was just me doing some testing. If the chrono comes in under 600 f/s, I don't go lower.

And I've tested 2.8gn N-310 - 586 f/s. Again, only a test. I do not recommend.

Burns weren't clean on any of these, but the N-310 faired the best for cleanliness, and I settled on 3.2gn (678 f/s) as the powder-puff load.
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