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Starting at the low pressure Shadow9mm mentioned is the key. Whether you will end up halfway or all the way up to at jacketed load levels depends on the cartridge. While the bullet makers give you a velocity limits, these are for the average guns they are used in. You will notice folks report sometimes reaching much higher velocities without fouling or accuracy issues, especially with handgun rounds in carbine rifles. This is because because what actually damages or deforms or causes too much friction for the softer copper plating is too much force on the bullet base. So the real limitation is applied peak pressure and not velocity.

In the 45 Auto, you should find full hardball velocities are just fine with plated bullets because it is not a high pressure round. This assumes a smooth bore, as a rough one can be fouled by most any kind of bullet and plating is softer and more easily rubbed off than gilding metal, but I expect you will be fine.

Another thing you can do is reduce friction. You can put Tubb Dust in your powder or plate your bullets with either moly or hBN. Those will limit fouling.
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