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I have shot coated and plated. I much prefer plated personally. In my experience they are somewhere between jacketed and coated, but most manufacturer recommend keeping them below 1250fps, which should be easy enough in 45 acp.

When changing components it is common wisdom to work the load back up from start.

Hodgdon shows the following data for 200g in 45acp
JHP Start 5.2, Max 5.9

Lee shows
jacketed start 5.2, max 5.6

Hornady shows
Jacketed start 5.9, max 6.6

Lyman shows
jhp start 5.5, max 6.2

Sierra shows
jacketed start 5.6, max 6.3

Based on this I would start at 5.2g and go from there so see how it performs, whether or not it cycles the gun and work up or down from there based on your needs.
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