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> Yep. Never tried them but some people said they shot as well as the rifle in question would shoot normal ammo.
That turned out to be highly variable. Remington developed their .30-06 and .308 saboted rounds with normal production Remington rifle barrels; .002-.003 deep rifling with 1:10 twist. Unfortunately the rest of the industry was moving to slightly shallower rifling (jackets were getting harder and thicker for some hunting rounds) and they were backing off to 1:12 or even 1:14 twist to stabilize the lighter, pointier bullets that were becoming popular. On those rifles, the sabots would sometimes strip instead of spinning the bullet, and the slower twists didn't stabilize them enough for best accuracy.

That's why you see so many head-butting contests polarized at "I used them and they were great!" and "I used them and they shot like corkscrews!"

Remington also made the Accelerator for the .30-30. Twists and groove depth are all over the place on those, but I don't think they sold very many.

The Accelerators have been out of production for quite some time now, but if you want to give the idea a try, EABCO sells their own design of plastic sabots and a special bullet seating tool for quite reasonable prices. They also have loading data. Remington's .30-06 loads had 55 grain bullets at >4000fps, solid .220 Swift territory.
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