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Originally Posted by Ricklin View Post
Your old time engineer friend might want to broaden their knowledge base. The high speed dental turbine handpiece routinely turns at 400 thousand RPM, some go as high as 500 Thousand RPM.
They tend to be "all" RPM and "no" torque. With a diamond cutting instrument I know of no material that can't be cut.
The newer electric high speed handpiece attains a max. of 200 thousand RPM, Hand pressure alone will not stall the cutting instrument. It will cause the cutting instrument (bur) to fail violently. Yes, you can put out an eye with one.
My engineers loved the fact I had one. Perfect tool to modify a production mold they screwed up on. A diamond in a high speed handpiece did the trick.

Handy tip. Diamonds are cheap nowadays. One can purchase a chuck for Dremel or Foredom tools for dental size diamond burs. The variety of shapes and sizes is amazing. The burs are available under a dollar each. I modified the Borosilicate glass print bed for my 3d printer, quick and easy with a diamond.
Probably should have mentioned that was in 1978, technology has changed a good bit since then.
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