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The Old West is any time in the West that pre-dates the modern West, i.e. certainly before 1900, and can be further divided into various eras with distinguishing characteristic. For example:
  1. Pre-European contact, i.e., the Neo-lithic West
  2. Early contact by explorers, traders, trapper; the onset of the fur trade.
  3. The collapse of the fur trade; the Oregon trail begins and war with Mexico
  4. The gold rush era.
  5. The Civil War in the West
  6. The Indian Wars
  7. The great cattle drives and the age of the cowboy and open range
That's just a minimal list of episodes in the Old West; but for the sake of brevity, a lot more could be mentioned.

Now, in keeping with the original subject, here is a link to information on Colt's Pocket Percussion Revolvers that were typically 31 caliber:
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