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This is exactly what I was trying to do. After narrowing my problem down to a probable extractor issue, I did some checking and saw the Volquartsen extractor on sale for about $12 or so. I figured... let me just swap it out and see what happens.

I hit that pin as hard as I ever hit anything I was NOT trying to destroy, it just would not come out. Tried a number of different punches, punch sets, hammers, oil, bases... etc. Just will not move.

After calling a few local gunsmiths (none of them wanted to touch it) and S&W, I figured let me quit while I'm ahead and send the pistol back to S&W before I end up with a huge gouge in the side of the slide from my pin removal crusade. While they have it, they can diagnose everything else.

I still have the Volquartsen extractor. Perhaps I can install it after S&W unjams that pin for me. On the bright side, the shipping to S&W was relatively painless and free. Since Performance Center pistols have lifetime warranty, S&W generated the ship label and my FFL did the rest. No charge on anything so far from S&W nor FFL.

Will update once its back.

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