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Sorry about the huge image. Fixed.

The issues are actually pretty recent. Pistol is about 5 years old with well over 10k rounds through it. Vast majority of which were CCI Standard Velocity which worked perfectly fine.

Started seeing several different kind of malfunctions recently ranging from empty chamber on a full mag after first shot, several kinds of stovepipes including one with casing wedged in backwards with a live round half way into the chamber. I did try at least 4 different standard velocity ammo offerings. All had issues. Only ones that worked fine are high velocity ones. Like I was saying, this is all very recent.

My goal was to detail strip everything for a thorough clean. Given that I cant seem to get past this pin... I suppose, I can have a gunsmith take a look at it and the issues I've been having or just mail it back to S&W.
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