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Removing bolt pin on Model 41 slide

Hey Guys,

I am having an odd issue with a recent S&W Model 41 Performance Center. While attempting to remove the extractor in order to diagnose some FTE issues, I've run into a problem with the slide pin. Basically, I am trying to do this...

Looks pretty simple, right?

For the life of me, I just cannot remove this pin. A bit of knocking moves it a tiny amount. When I try to push it back, I hear/feel a click. Like its captive somehow. I even called S&W and they said there is no trick to it, it should just come out.

Would appreciate some guidance. Otherwise, I would have to find a decent gunsmith here in NY area, which is a very difficult task. My only other option is to mail it back to S&W, which would be a huge pain in the @$$.
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