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While I'm mostly against arbitrary gun restriction (type of gun, mag capacity) there was one thing I found out recently about a local gun advocacy group that bothered me.

They successfully helped kill a bill in NC that would have required a mental health check for those buying guns (not sure if it was only handguns or any gun) if they don't have a concealed carry permit.

I'm actually FOR a mental health check....rarely are people suffering from mental illness aware of it, and I don't think someone who is clinically depressed/bi-polar/etc should be handling a firearm.

Is there a reason why that viewpoint is out of line or anti-gun? I think any right-minded adult should have a gun...but we are having a serious problem with massacres in this country with firearms by mentally ill people that I think could be prevented if those people are identified.
It is my considered opinion that the emboldened statement precludes you from owning firearms due to mental incapacity...

See how easy it it would be to abuse such a 'law'?
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