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Is there a reason why that viewpoint is out of line
Well, to me it just seems like that much more unnecessary bureaucracy that at the end of the day probably won’t do any good. I always think about the specifics of these things. For instance how many folks are we talking about? Who does the check? What’s involved? Can a brief mental health evaluation even uncover potential problems? Would it require multiple visits?

At the end of the day this just adds to the cost and makes buying a firearm much more difficult which I suspect is part of the motivation. I also doubt that any of these routine mental health reviews would even do any good.

The trick is to determine how to handle people that have been identified as actually exhibiting behavior that is of concern. Many of the people involved in recent high profile incidents had previous run-ins with the mental health system, but nothing was done to prevent them from buying a gun. Now, how to balance the rights of these individuals against the concern for what they “might” do is an entirely different subject all together…
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