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I'm well aware of the methods for making moonclips easier to deal with -- the tool I figured "would make these evil things much easier to deal with" was like fifty bucks and I was having a hard time throwing more money at the project just so I could enjoy the project.

Don't get me wrong-- for sure, if you intent to compete with a revolver for speed, this is the game and these are the tools you need and those tools and high quality moonclips are all part of the equation.

For me, my very short little relationship with a S&W 625 and the moonclips was just more hassle and more expense for something that just didn't grab me.

In it's role, it's absolutely the way to go. But I couldn't find a way to get on board with it for my needs and the things I like & enjoy in handgunning.
I gave up on my 625 in horribly short order, which is very much out of character for me...but I found myself in a situation where I could get my dream gun and getting rid of the 625 I'd had only a short time was the shortest route there. If not for that, I likely would have given the 625 much more of a chance. And then... I may have ended up with better moonclips and a $50 hand tool to make them a pleasure to deal with. Or maybe not.

I find myself very fortunate that I have many different toys in handgunning to play with. I'm absolutely addicted to handgunning and have enough different things to occupy my time. To be honest, I just don't see me ever going back down the moonclip road ever again...but that's just me.

When I see a guy with a 625 and a belt full of moonclips ready to roll, TWO things occur to me:

1) "Now that guy there is an enthusiast! Cool setup!"
2) "I'll never do THAT again!"
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