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I have a pistol on me, usually IWB, to answer the door, simply because most legitimate visits are during hours when I would be armed, anyway. I pick a handgun up and place it IWB or in a pocket if the knock or ring is unexpected. My hand might even be on it if it is late or I have another reason to have the willies. If I am expecting a package and I know the person delivering it, I don't make a point of arming myself, just as if an invited friend shows up. But if I don't know what is going on and am not expecting anyone, I make a point of being armed.

People selling goods, services, or religious views, in person or by telephone, get one, but only one, polite decline. If someone persists after I have politely declined, they just became rude and I don't feel any obligation to be hospitable to rude people. (I have never drawn a gun on a telephone solicitor , but don't you just want to blast the [email protected]#$ telephone sometimes?)
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