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Here's a BIG deciding factor for me though. I have heard, but never seen personally, of a BG being able to potentially disassemble a 92 series pistol with one hand.
I really don't have an appropriate response for this. You heard it from a guy, and saw it on a tv show? Come on now. Use that rational side of your brain, you know better.

I'll say this. If there is someone I consider to be so hostile that I have drawn my weapon, either at home or from concealment, and that person has gotten to within the distance of diassembling my weapon, something went very wrong. If they surprised me or rushed me that is one thing. But I'm not letting someone walk up to me and disassemble my gun in my hand. Remember it takes roughly 7 yards, 21 feet, of separation between you and an attacker to give you time to draw and fire or they are already on you. I always try to be mindful of the distance between me and anyone I consider a threat. Too close and I am drawing, and I'll deal with the consequences. Not saying I will just plain shoot him/her for getting close, but someone moving with perceived intent of hurting/killing me is rationale enough for me to issue a challenge, draw, and attempt to back out of the area. Of course state laws come into play here too.

and honestly due to the cost I'd hate to have it confiscate if I (God forbid) ever had to shoot someone.
I had this argument not long ago on the HK forums, also some rather expensive guns. And I'll be frank: that's a horrible attitude. If I have to draw my weapon to defend myself, that gun getting confiscated is the last thought on my mind. My only concern is my ability to deal with that threat. If I lose the gun to the court system but in the process saved my life, that was the best $800-$900 I ever spent. If the gun is collectable or has special value to you and you shoot something else just as well, fine. But I carry what I am most confident in. And if you spend all your range time shooting the P228 but carrying something else you're only doing yourself a disservice.
Know the status of your weapon
Keep your muzzle oriented so that no one will be hurt if the firearm discharges
Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
Maintain situational awareness

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