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Does anyone ever actually use a tuckable that much? I've tried them and even with a small gun no matter where I place the holster on my hip or how loose I left the part of the shirt that wasn't tucked in there was a huge obvious bulge.
I tried a crossbreed but ended up selling it. The only time I tuck in a shirt is at work or events like weddings or dinners. My dress shirts fit snug and would show a huge noticeable bulge no matter where on my belt I would wear it. My dress pants also fit snug and it was very uncomfortable. I wasn't about to ditch $500 suits for a larger pant size just to accommodate a holster, so its pocket carry for dressy occasions. Even for regular IWB I just found the crossbreed to be too much holster for the gun, it was pretty massive with the large leather backing.
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