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Originally Posted by warnerwh
I never heard of DW having any problem at all with the cylinder latch. In fact it is a superior design to smith and ruger's lockup. It is very strong.
As a pawn broker for the last 25 years I've handled many DW revolvers.

I learned early on, the hard way, to check the cylinder latch competence of DW revolvers.
We do this by dropping the revolver on it's right side from about 6 inches onto a non marring surface such as a publication.

You'd be surprised how many DW cylinders will just pop right open with this test. These revolvers are in need of repair.

On the other hand I have never been able to get a S&W, Ruger or Colt revolver to fail this test.

So, just to clarify, I believe the DW cylinder latch is superior for accuracy but inferior for duribility.
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