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NJW. I suggested loading down the .460 as an alternative to what appears to be a very expensive proposition. Jack Lott always felt that the .460 Weatherby at full power was too much of a good thing, not so much recoilwise, but at the point where the bullet struck. In one article, he describes where a solid literally turned into confetti on a Cape Buffalo's spine. It killed the animal, but that's not how a solid is supposed to behave.
I'm still looking for a #1H in .458 Mag. Converting one into a .460 sounds interesting. Maybe I'll have to look for two of them. I need no excuse to buy a #1 of any kind.
I'm also looking for another #1B in 30-06. If Saturn Sports in Sparks Nevada is still in business, they make a blown out .300 Weatherby or H&H magnum, that gives the .300 R.U.M. a run for it's money. I think that either it, or the R.U.M would make a great longe range single shot rifle round.
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