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Well I got a call from the Gun shop today and a guy went to buy my browning after seeing it advertised on I was hoping he would have contacted me personally beforehand, so I could pull the shotgun out to so the sale with a FFL holder. Since this didn't happen the shop will be taking 20% of the $800 I sold it for. Oh well now I know never to sell a firearm on consignment. To be honest I think it was an impulsive move since I was so eager to sell the Browning. On the upside I found a online shop located in North Carolina where I purchased a Smith & Wesson 686 SSR (I couldn't find any at local shops in California and even online stores didn't have them.) I had to pay msrp for the 686 but considering what seems to be a gun/ammo buying/hoarding? frenzy I feel lucky to have found one. Now I'm thinking of selling my little Beretta Tomcat, especially since it's been seriously unreliable with countless jams. Still despite the jams I'm sure a good gunsmith could fix this and the little guy is really accurate for such a small pistol.
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