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Like others, my first guns were BB and pellet rifles from Daisy and Crossman.

My first real firearm was a Marlin Model 70, magazine fed .22LR carbine. I think dad paid the local Coast-Coast store around $50 for it when I passed my hunter's safety class, around age 10 I think.

I still have the old gun in my safe and shoot it once in awhile. I don't think the thing is worth more than the $50 Dad paid for it back in 1980!

It looks pretty beat up, but still shoots fairly well.

This brings back memories of summer weekends spent crawling the hills and valleys with some buddies, shooting bricks of .22 LR. Remember shooting 1000 rounds, then riding my bike to the store for more! Never had to worry if there were any .22LR on the shelf, just had to worry if I had saved enough allowance money to buy some!
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