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22LR Ammo Shootout - Kidd10/22 -- CZ452 -- Savage MarkII TR

Day1 Review consisted of a newly built Kidd 10/22 Customized platform and a CZ452 Varmint both shot at 50 yards with various ammo trying to determine which brand each likes.

Day2 Consisted of the Kidd 10/22 Customized platform, CZ452 and this time I brought along a Savage MarkII TR. Each were shot at 100yards with various ammunition from the bench utilizing front and rear sand bag rest.

I know it is not the most scientific but I was able to achieve my goal in determining which ammo I need to keep around for each platform. I also had a ton of fun and after the testing shot at some remaining clay birds someone had left around.

Stop over and tell me what you think, leave comments.
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