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My take on the "circuit judge" is it can probably handle the stiffer loads. Like those called for when used in lever action rifles.

Consider this; Cor-bon loads are available for 45 colt that are really only made for really strong revolvers in 45 colt. There's always the possibility for someone buying the high pressure, +P cor-bon ammo, then firing it in a rossi judge or C-judge. Rossi could NOT sell something that would NOT stand up to the hottest ammo made for it.

I have a Rossi lever gun in 45 colt. According to what I have been able to find, it is rated for the Marlin and Winchester modern levergun loads.

I've fired it with handloaded jacketed and my own cast lead boolit loads. Most were loaded to levergun load levels, it just gobbled them up and wanted more! It is a lot of fun to shoot, and is quite accurate.
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