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I'm shooting a Savage 110 BA in .338 Lapua Mag.
I started out with Hornady commercial loaded ammo & saved the brass. Every Hornady round would cause a stuck bolt. I thought something was wrong with the rifle, but had no overpressure signs of any kind on the brass or primer.
I bought some Lapua rounds and they worked flawlessly, no stuck bolt.
Since I've been handloading for years, there was no way i was going to buy anymore commercial ammo.
I've handloaded the Hornady brass & they still stick.
I've handloaded the Lapua brass & they flat just run.
All were loaded identical, same powder, primers, Redding dies, Redding scales, Redding Magnum press, all Redding.
When you get into the large magnum calibers I think the brass composition makes a difference. I have not tried annealing the Hornady brass yet.
Just some observations on my part.
I have Hornady & Lapua brass trimmed to same length.
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