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Doc, I think you stumbled into the church forum, awful lot of preachin goin on. If you fear for your life you should probably defend yourself and worry about the state laws later. Like you, I don't keep anything loaded in my house..hate to find a dead grandkid because I wasn't paying attention.

I've owned 10 or so 1911s, currently 3 and shoot cast round nose exclusively, well almost. When in Vietnam I noted the arms room had a foot locker full of loaded 1911 magazines, altho if you only want to load 5 just in case it's alright with me. Bullseye is a peachy powder, and I like titegroup too.

geez, I'm startin to sound like a preacher myself. Finally I'd buy a box of hardball to keep in your magazine and I'd buy another magazine...and practice practice practice.
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