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Posted by Doc Hoy: I once had a guy tell me his first round for home defense was birdshot followed immediately by hollow points. He used a .357 revolver. As I say, the first round up was birdshot. The other five rounds were business rounds.

I am thinking the philosophy is flawed.
It is. Birdshot in a revolver is not a good idea for self defense.

My thought is that if I shoot someone, I would rather not have them around to tell their side of the story, or to come around with a lawyer.

Do I have this wrong?
Completely. First, you do not want to kill anyone. Second, if you shoot someone with a handgun, the person has a very good chance of survival. Third, forensic evidence will tell the story whether the person shot does or not. Fourth, regarding civil liability, the decedent's survivors will be more than happy to engage lawyers.

On the other points:

I agree with the use of JHP bullets.

There is no cogent reason to use hand loads or defense. For practice, yes.

Dwight's recommendation to choose a propellant that cannot be double charged is such a good one that it bears repeating.

No warning shots--period.

Yes, you do want additional magazines, but not because of spring fatigue.

I recommend keeping a round in the chamber and the safety on. You won't mind the occasional burble chambering a round at the range, but when your life is at stake and you are under stress, that's a poor time for a fumble.

The 1911 is a perfectly good defensive pistol. It is reliable and safe, and the sound level of a .45 ACP is somewhat lower than that of many other rounds.

For heaven's sake, become aware of the use of force laws as soon as possible, preferably before you ever face the need for firing a gun at anyone.

By the way, the laws regarding the use of deadly force apply equally whether you are using a hand gun, a shot gun, a Louisville Slugger, a ball peen hammer, a steak knife, or a Cross Pen.

Good luck!

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