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Originally Posted by seagiant
When they did the registration in Conn. I believe....

Gun Owners lined up like sheep!
Originally Posted by JoeSixpack
Ya I remember seeing the picture of the line..
but when it was all said and done I think they estimated 2/3rds did not register.
Data suggests that the CT compliance rate was actually much less than 1/3.

An analysis by the CT state gov't estimated that there were 231,000 (so-called) "high capacity" pistols, 372,000 high-capacity rifles, and 2.4 million high-capacity magazines in the state before the registration law passed. However, according to the NRA-ILA, Connecticut gun owners registered only 50,016 firearms and 38,290 magazines. Assuming that the CT state figures are valid, this represents a compliance rate of approximately 8.3% and 1.6%(!) respectively, based simply on the number of guns.

When one considers that some firearm owners presumably registered more than one gun and/or magazine, it's probable that the compliance rate per gun owner may be higher, but it's hard to estimate how much higher due to the huge apparent uncertainty in the numbers, and given the yawning gap, I'm guessing that the rate probably doesn't even approach 1/3.

Although some gun-rights absolutists may view the fact that anyone complied at all as a failure and a sign that CT gun owners are little girly men too feeble to stand up for their rights* (because AMERICA!!), by almost any conventional metric, IMHO it's obvious that the CT program has been a failure.

*As a footnote, when one is standing on the sidelines in another jurisdiction, it's all too easy to hurl accusations of weakness and lack of conviction at those who comply with onerous and unjust laws. To anyone making such accusations, I invite you to move to the restrictive jurisdiction, and see firsthand if you have the guts to flout the law yourself.
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