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I can definitely see all the criminals lining up to turn in their guns... NOT!
The Australian government knows that criminals don't participate in these gun turn in schemes but they keep holding them, disarming the law abiding citizens instead of using their time and energy to capture criminals. Gun violence is not the guns fault it is the violence that must be stopped. They are slowly doing the same thing that England did and in much the same way. If you vilify guns long enough people begin to believe that the gun is the cause for violence. When they believe that then it would be distasteful to own a gun. Here in America the study by the CDC showed that guns are used far more often to stop crime than they are used in crimes.It is a legal fact that police do not bear the burden to protect individuals. They must do that on their own. The best tool to defend ones self against an armed criminal is to be armed, trained, and practiced.
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