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Originally Posted by Semi-jacketed
Think of the shootings that have turned into mass murders in the last few decades. Where have they occurred? Schools, churches, daycares, office buildings and malls that deny the carry of personal firearms, but no one goes into a police station, gun range, military base, guard armory, or any other facility where it is known and accepted that there are people there with loaded weapons who are willing to use it.
Semi-jacketed, you're correct about the locations of these shootings, and it's a good point; but with the exception of a couple of these, such as the one in the Knoxville Unitarian church last year, it's not clear to me that the shooters went to those places because they expected people to be unarmed. Unhappy students shoot up their schools; unhappy workers shoot up their workplaces; and so forth. Whether people will be deterred if they know that someone in a school or church might be armed is an empirical question. If CC in any of these places is ever approved, then we might get some evidence...

Originally Posted by MeekAndMild
The trouble with your reasoning Vanya is that sociological systems are complex iterative sets with a stochastic feedback loop resulting in a upward modulation of the setpoint.
Holy Big Words, M&M -- I surrender!
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