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Who'd a thunk?

This forum continues to amaze me!

When I joined I thought I might be in danger of overly indulging my knuckle-dragging id. Imagine my amazement at finding such restrained and scholarly discussion that my super-ego is actually stimulated!

What disturbs me most about the whole proposition of a 'teacher' authority - or any authority - causing any kind of restrictive action, even one so slight as an interview - is that it is pro-active and preemptive. Condoning such is beyond my most liberal abilities.

What seems to be at issue here - although I'm certainly NOT a lawyer nor would I ever let myself enter that community because I know too many of them (wink, wink) - is defining the threshold of probable cause.

Why should ANY action be appropriate by the instructor when no crime has been committed and no indication has been given that any crime is threatened? To give the instructor and the school grace for having acted in such a manner as described is unthinkable in my opinion. The student should be outraged. His civil rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were impinged - however slightly - and trampled upon on the basis of some figment in the imagination of the instructor.

If this is allowed to stand, I could have the whole of the Texas Legislature, half of the faculty in Austin, and most of the US Congress called in for discussions with LE for what I fear they are going to do.

Someone has to tell the emperor he's buck-naked (or is that butt-naked?). Seems we're about discussing whether his clothes suit our style or are outrageous, instead.
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