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How is this a "faulty [comparison] fallacy?"
While I certainly understand the views on the Columbia/Ahmedinajad issue, I just don't think it has any relation to the OP's original issue.

I would put money on it that the professor in question was not trying to promote any agenda. She is probably just a scared, uninformed person, trying to prevent any possible problems.

Right after 9/11 I hired a driver who was Armenian. He spoke with a thick accent and carried around a large, black bag (almost all drivers carry a small, black bag, but this one was large). I had several other employees express concern that he was carrying around a bomb or weapons. This went on for months. Was he making sure he was strong enough to tote all that ammonium nitrate around? Or maybe he was practicing carrying his AK and 50 magazines?

When he finally came in with a small bag one day, I asked him about it. He said that he had finished his classes and no longer needed to carry his books and laptop around with him anymore.

Fear. It's a powerful thing.
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