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GM - Your excellent articles and the thoughtful posts are on target, but I would like to offer one thought. I don't see the purpose of allowing properly licensed students or faculty to carry on campus to be any different than any other purpose for carrying a weapon.

A citizen is licensed to carry for one reason, and only one reason - for personal protection. LEOs have a totally different mission - to protect and defend. They are trained equipped and tasked to support this mission. For example, LEOs entering a situation would have body armor, which private citizens do not walk around wearing. This drastically changes the tactics that are available.

I would not expect an armed citizen to use their weapon in a proactive manner in defense of others, nor do I even think it is desirable. But, the fact is, that a citizen who does act in defense of their own person, will likely neutralize the threat, saving others in the process. Without proper training in "protecting and defending," an armed citizen could cause more damage to their self or others.
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