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I took this pic from another forum. This is what SACS did to refit his frame on his TRP:
That's an old school method of tightening the slide to frame fit on a 1911. There's nothing wrong with it and smiths have been doing it for decades.

If they had that gun at the shop as a "special" and they sent it back to SA for repair, I wouldn't pay more than $800 for it. At this point, when it comes back to me, even if it comes back in proper form, I'm still going to feel a** raped for all the effort and time for it for the amount I paid.
You haven't even fired a single round from the gun yet. Slight slide rubs are not uncommon, and from what I read every time you send a gun into Springfield for a single issue they have a tendency to "fix" more than what is actually wrong with the gun.
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